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South Fulton, GA 30331 REALLY?
The Annexation window to escape the ill-fated new city movement has closed, as many new Atlanta residents celebrate the delivery of their Herbie Curbies.

The borders for the new city are now locked as of July 1st and everyone else will have to vote up on down on the city.

Unless you were successfully annexed before then, to remain unincorporated , you must VOTE NO on TUE NOV 8 or you will become a part of the new City of South Fulton. 

Be sure to scroll all the way to the end of your ballot because this is the last item to vote on in the presidential election.

Confirm your voter registration status reflects where you live at the Secretary of State's My Voter Page as you have 30 days to update your voter registration residence when you move under the law.

Sometime after the July 24 runoff election you will be able to see your sample for the November 8th Election.  You can look up your sample ballot for the runoff NOW!!

Here is the cryptic language you will see for creating the city of South Fulton when you vote this November. Don't you love the obfuscation and misdirection of your south Fulton legislators:

( ) YES

( ) NO

Shall the Act incorporating the City of South Fulton in Fulton County and granting the homestead exemptions described therein be approved?"

All persons desiring to vote for approval of the Act shall vote "Yes," and those persons desiring to vote for rejection of the Act shall vote "No." If more than one-half of the votes cast on such question are for approval of the Act, it shall become of full force and effect;  otherwise, it shall thereafter be void and of no force and effect. The expense of the special election set forth in this section shall be borne by Fulton County. It shall be the duty of the superintendent to hold and conduct such election. It shall be his or her further duty to certify the result thereof to the Secretary of State.

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Sandtown's Governance Options Explored

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Sandtown's Governance Options Explored

Annexation Fast Facts Flyer

Official City of Atlanta Annexation Web Portal

Keisha Lance Bottoms

Video Excerpts of Atlanta City Council Meeting

Full May 18 Atlanta City Council Meeting VIDEO

Commissioner Arrington tells protesters they were misled by state representatives and alleged leaders were wrong to tell them to come down oppose the board on something the board has no power to oppose.

Commissioner Darnell says if you do not like the provision of the annexation law, ask your state representatives to change the law.

Public Comment portion of Board Meeting (62 Minutes)

Fulton Commissioner's vote allows Atlanta Annexations to move forward

Current citizen led annexation petitions to join Atlanta (including maps):


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The Sandtown Community Association is a registered community advocacy organization founded in 1998. We are an umbrella community based group that advocates and addresses issues on behalf of all residents and homeowners associations in Sandtown on zonings, residential/commercial development, land use and education.  We look forward to your partnership as members.